How to Prevent Parental Disputes for Children’s Spring and Summer Activities

How to Prevent Parental Disputes for Children’s Spring and Summer Activities

With spring around the corner and summer soon following, children’s activities can be hard to coordinate for divorced parents. A parenting plan can help eliminate conflicts and set expectations to make for an enjoyable season ahead when sharing time. Here are a few tips below to help parents navigate and alleviate the stress of shared schedules.


Review Your Schedule

Summer plans can affect your regular routine. Getting a plan in place can help adjust schedules, arrange for transportation, and work out any lingering details that may cause conflict. Taking the time to review your schedule in advance can help you be prepared for what’s ahead.


Be Flexible 

Even the best-made plans can be subject to change. Being flexible with your co-parent can help formulate your schedules with fewer hiccups. You may have similar ideas on travel ambitions or dates, talk it out and decide which parent will facilitate those plans. If changes are necessary along the way, be flexible and work with one another to make the most of your time spent with your kids.


Daycare Needs

If you are a parent that does not have summers off, daycare may be necessary when sharing time. Be sure that your kids are being supervised during extracurricular activities when you are not available. Check your child’s local school and clubs to see if any summer programs are available during your work hours. Some programs may even offer after-hour care for children whose parents work late hours.


Out of Town Travel Arrangements

Summer activities may include vacations away from home. Always check with your co-parent on dates and destinations when coordinating family trips. Reservations can be costly if you are forced to cancel last-minute, and the stress of lost family time may disrupt your relationship with your kids. Locking down those days in advance can diminish any conflicts that may arise with schedule changes.



Get Your Plans in Writing

When finalizing parenting plans for your summer schedules, document and share them with your co-parent. Be sure to check your calendars for specific holidays, update any days needing revision, and respect the plans your co-parent has already set for the season. Having your parenting schedules in writing will give you documentation to refer to in case of any confusion or uncertainty.


Check-in with Your Kids

Kids live for enjoying the summer season and getting a break from the classroom. Ask them if they have any ideas on how they want to spend their summer season. Maybe it’s at the beach, hiking in the mountains, or just relaxing at home with family and friends. Even with sharing parenting schedules, working your child’s ideas into your summer plans can make for a fun, memorable time for everyone.


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