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Should I Hire a Mediator? How to Know if Family Mediation is Right for You

When family matters cannot be resolved, mediation can be used to help settle concerns with the help of an unbiased third party. Family mediation can be voluntary, an agreement by both parties, or involuntary when mandated by the court. In each case, participants choose the best outcome for their situation with the help of a […]

How to Prevent Parental Disputes for Children’s Spring and Summer Activities

With spring around the corner and summer soon following, children’s activities can be hard to coordinate for divorced parents. A parenting plan can help eliminate conflicts and set expectations to make for an enjoyable season ahead when sharing time. Here are a few tips below to help parents navigate and alleviate the stress of shared […]

Tax Claims and Parenting Plans: What You Need to Know Before Filing

With tax season upon us and April 15th around the corner, knowing your deductions and how to file them is key to succeeding with your tax claim. Child deductions can be complicated when a divorce occurs with dual custody and sharing expenses. Being prepared can alleviate the stress of filing. Below are some tips to […]