Should I Hire a Mediator? How to Know if Family Mediation is…

Should I Hire a Mediator? How to Know if Family Mediation is Right for You

When family matters cannot be resolved, mediation can be used to help settle concerns with the help of an unbiased third party. Family mediation can be voluntary, an agreement by both parties, or involuntary when mandated by the court. In each case, participants choose the best outcome for their situation with the help of a mediator. Couples and families will often attempt mediation prior to getting a judge involved in the decision-making process. Continue reading below to see if family mediation is right for you.


What is the Role of a Mediator?

Mediators assist parties in prioritizing family matters and discussing possible solutions. They help each side identify their critical interests in the dispute and hear what’s important to each party. Mediators guide negotiations positively, focusing on resolutions, facilitating discussion, and alleviating stressful situations.


Can a Mediator Give Legal Advice?

While some mediators have a legal background or backgrounds in other professional areas, mediators have a unique role that does not involve representing either party or advocating for one side. They are neutral to both parties and can give information about state laws and local court procedures, but they do not give legal advice.


Advantages of Family Mediation

The main benefit of having an experienced mediator is saving time and money by avoiding the traditional, court-driven legal process. Some court cases can take up to a year to resolve and may cost thousands of dollars. An additional benefit of finding a resolution through family mediation is the discussions and negotiations between all parties are kept confidential. The anonymity provided allows parties to discuss concerns openly and achieve resolutions without being part of the public record.


When is the Best Time to Start Mediation?

It is best to try mediation before the litigation process begins and when both parties agree to resolve their differences outside of court. Discovery processes can be costly and challenging for all involved. Early mediation can save thousands of dollars and time, minimizing long-term conflict and distress for both parties.


Finding the Right Mediator

When researching a mediator, look for an experienced and reputable professional. Obtaining the following information below can help you select a mediator that’s right for you:

  • Education, background, and training of the mediator.
  • Knowledge and experience in mediating the type of case you will be presenting.
  • All fees involved and how they are divided amongst all parties.
  • Memberships affiliations and other professional associations.


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